Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hannah Jacket

So the Hannah Jacket was one of the first patterns I wrote for the book, and as such, of course, it gave me a whole lot of trouble (mostly with sizing, since I remembered Willow being incredibly tiny, and perhaps she wasn't quite so pea-sized, but also with designing with techniques I was only sort of familiar with, having knit exactly two hoods and one attached i-cord before this one).

I also took kind of a gamble on the color--I knew I wanted to use something ultra baby-friendly, but Spud & Chloe tends to come in jelly bean colors.  I knew immediately I wanted the purple for this jacket, but was wavering on the white trim.  The ladies at Patricia's Yarns convinced me to go with the bolder teal, and I think the bright color combo makes the sweater. 

 So when I made one for Willow, I went similarly bold.

The bright colors seem to make her go a little insane, so a decent photograph was hard to get.  But, she loves wearing it, and it fits her great--I just went one size higher on everything (though I think I made it a bit longer, too). 


Laura said...

Beautiful! I almost used the word 'darling,' but I don't use the word 'darling.'

Unknown said...

Cute! I just found your blog via your Ravelry group. I'm excited to check out your book and am UBER excited to click around on your blog :)

Nikki Van De Car said...

Glad to have you!