Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Svalbard is fun to say

And it's fun to knit, too!

Svalbard, by Bristol Ivy is in fact a rockin' good time.  Sadly, my yarn, the oh so soft Alpaca Baby Twist, didn't have quite the right yardage for this, but I am a magical thinking person and thought maybe it would...you know...grow? 

So I couldn't pick up quite as many stitches along the neckline as I would have liked and it's a bit shorter than I would have liked, and so are the sleeves, which is sad, but it's still cozy and comfortable, and Baby Twist really did want to be this sweater, it couldn't have been satisfied with anything else, so we both just did the best we could.

Of course, that used up my entirely-too-limited stash of non-laceweight yarn, but that's okay, because it's getting warm out, and lighter yarns are better.  So I'm finally casting on with my beautiful Dragonfly Fibers Pixie superwash merino, which is quickly growing into Daybreak.

I'm almost done with the first, solid-colored section, and I started it yesterday.  Clearly I really need to go shopping--but a friend is going to Skye!  I will make her shop for me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Willow's Book

Speaking of projects that take forever and fill up many a rainy day, we made a book. 

Part one: instruct Willow to wander around the house and find an object that starts with the letter A (and then B, C, and so forth).  This required her to be imaginative...or not.  Like many others before, A is for Apple in Willow's book.

Part two: take many, many photos of said object, in as many creative ways as possible, with Willow as photo stylist.  This has mixed results.

Part three: this is optional.  Instagram said photos.  Willow loves choosing a filter--and added bonus, it will fill up your friends' inboxes and annoy them terribly.

Part four: print pictures.  Make sure you have plenty of paper and ink in your printer first.

Part five: help Willow sound out and then write the names of each object.  I thought this was going to be torturous, but she was actually really into it.

Part six: assemble book.  Listen as Willow reads book.  Feel like wonderful parent.

Willow's Book:


 Bear Backpack








Junie B. Jones






 Pinkie Pie