Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aran Sweaters in 90 Degrees

 While I could easily complain about the heat, or today's naptastrophe, I'm going to instead talk about something that I find pleasing.  Like wool sweaters.

Remember back in the day when I was working on a sweater for my mom's birthday and it was taking an age because for like two years now all the things I've been knitting have been size miniature and so knitting an adult-sized sweater seemed a herculean task?

Well, I did finish, and just in time for her birthday.  Here we have Lion Brand's Fisherman's Aran Pullover, available for free on their website but sadly unlinkable unless we are logged in which I, generally speaking, am not, since I don't use Lion Brand all that much.

Which is in retrospect a shame, because since it was their pattern I decided to use their yarn as well, and oh boy did I like it.  Fisherman's Wool is an odd yarn, since the colorway I wanted was only available in the slightly more expensive wool/acrylic mix, but despite that, it was mercifully unscratchy and frankly I suppose my mom would appreciate something that could be tossed in the washing machine. 

The pattern has the body of the sweater a bit nobody shorter than 6 feet could wear the sweater without it going around the hips, and for my mom's petite frame, it would have been very, very long.  I shortened it by about six inches.  I also worked the cables on the back too.  I did manage to restrain myself from adding a cable or two along the sleeves, only because mom asked me not to.  I did lengthen the sleeves, because my mom has useful grab-things-from-the-upper-cabinets long arms, but I, uh, overestimated a bit and they need to be cuffed.

Still, I think it looks pretty good!  And I bet it's cooler there and she could actually wear it!

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Anonymous said...

She IS wearing it because it's been cold at night in Volcano! And, oh my goodness, we should have gotten better pictures for you! Love, Mom