Monday, June 18, 2012

The Curious Garden

Last week, we checked out The Curious Garden from the library.  As I read it to Willow, looking at illustrations of a garden that grew on abandoned railroad tracks, it all started to look shockingly familiar.  The High Line, in Manhattan, is my favorite park, for its sheer excellence in design that manages to be a bit perverse, whimsical, and entirely useful.

And so we went. 

It is a stunning, if a bit crowded, walk, but the best parts about it are the pit stops.  First and foremost is the little inch-deep stream that runs along some pebbles near the food stands.  Strollers can stop and cool their feet.  And toddlers...toddlers can go crazy.
It is a shall I put this...high rent?  The popsicles are People's Pops, and are amazing, and where else can you get a strawberry rhubarb popsicle...but where else can you get a popsicle that costs $3.50?And so I was a little bit pleased to see these two toothless fellow cooling their heels too.  The place could use fewer models.

                                                                                                                                                                           But Willow did find her share of good-looking men just trying to read the New Yorker to accost, and then we went onward to hear some music, and I wish for the love of Mike I'd caught their name, because they were amazing and Willow loved them, and she danced and danced and danced and this video just makes me incredibly happy: