Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Glasses On

Well....I'm being very careful to keep an air of triumph out of my voice, but....we've had two nights in a row without a wakeup.  And I don't think I can talk about that anymore without feeling the need to celebrate, which would of course totally jinx it, so moving on!

...To knitting, for a nice change of pace.  The Aran Sweater is almost done, with only a sleeve left to go--but time is growing short.  It's been tricky trying to resize a pattern that provides no measurements whatsoever, but otherwise it's been easy--just slow.  And to make matters worse, it is leaving carnage behind--my treasured Lantern Moons, snapped like mere twigs.  I shouldn't blame the sweater--it didn't leave these just lying in my knitting bag on the floor waiting to be stepped on, but if it hadn't been such a freaking slow sweater I wouldn't just be flinging it all over the place, now would I? 

In totally unrelated news, I received some very expensive face creams for free (Dave went to a benefit, and as I stayed home to watch the baby, I claimed everything in the gift bag.  There was also caviar.)  I should preface this by saying that I'm a Neutrogena kind of girl--that is, when I can remember to use anything at all.  But you have to figure that $155 for a little tub of cream must mean something, right?  So every morning, I smear something called--no joke--Cold Plasma all over my face.  Because there is nothing more appealing than plasma.  And then I follow it with something I can't even find on the website, but it comes with a dropper and is supposed to give me a rosy glow.  They smell very strange, like rotting fruit candy, and I finish off with my Neutrogena to take the stench away.

There is NO WAY I'm going to be able to keep this up for long.  Just like I'll probably never open the caviar.  But it doesn't seem to be doing me any good anyway--as illustrated by the following story.

At the playground the other day, a little girl about six or seven complimented me on my glasses.  They are enormous glasses, and take up half my face, but they serve their intended purpose of blocking the sunlight.  I thanked her, and she asked me what I looked like with my glasses off.  I dutifully removed them.  At which point she informed me that I look better with them on.

Yep.  Sounds about right.


Kelly said...

LOL! That was great. All of it.

SB said...

I'm so pleased! This is awesome progress and I'm trying hard not to jinx it for you, so all I will say is... awesome! Hope the book continues to help.

toni p1 said...

Ain't little kids grand!

Laura said...

Continued success with the sleeping. Yay! Even if it turns out to be temporary. Yay!

As for the playground girl..... Kids are idiots and they don't know anything. It's why they don't appreciate naps or bourbon.

Dog Training said...

That was too funny!