Friday, October 28, 2011

Confessions of a Bad Mommy

--I use treats to get her to do things.  "Let's change your diaper, then you can have a raisin."  "Stop doing that.  No, honey, really stop--okay, it's snacktime!"  And sometimes we play fetch.

--I am losing The War of the Nap.

--I put a toy she's afraid of smack dab in the doorway of a room I don't want her to go into.  She goes to open the door, and I say, "Oh, did you want to go say hi to Purple Guy?"  Frantic "Nononono" ensues, and the room stays unoccupied.

--I am mostly proud, and yet slightly dismayed, when Willow says "Tofu!  Green beans!  Quinoa!  Yummy Dinner!"

--I mostly adhere to the No Television rule, but make exceptions for things that are cool.  Like The Muppet Movie.  Willow likes Gonzo (pronounced in the lesser-known Chinese, "Ganzhou.")

--She just peed on the floor.  As she often does.

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