Tuesday, November 1, 2011

See Witch!

Our Halloween festivities started early yesterday.

8:00 am: We attempted to read Froggy's Halloween, a truly annoying story but one that Willow loves, but she sensed that this was something that, for once, I wanted to do, and so she refused.

10:00 am:  We went to a toddlers-only Halloween party, wherein hardly anybody was willing to wear their costumes but ate the cookies willingly enough.  (A cookie bribe produced this photo, and everything came off moments thereafter). 

1:00 pm:  We tried to nap so as to have energy and fortitude for the evening's festivities.

2:00 pm: We finally did nap, after much discussion.

4:00 pm: We threw a ladybug pillow up in the air while dancing because there's been so much talk about ladybugs lately.

5:00 pm: We met up with Toaster and RockNoodle to go trick-or-treating.  Mommy and Daddy worried that Mad Doctor RockNoodle and Zombie Toaster might possibly send Ladybug Willow into hysterics--but on the contrary, Willow finally Got It.  We wear goofy stuff for Halloween and walk around and everything is crazy and it's really really fun!  Okay!  I'm down with this!

And so we walked and walked forever--Willow didn't want candy (that is, she wanted to sort it and carry a lollipop but showed no interest in eating any of it, an interest we did nothing to encourage), she just wanted to point out spiderwebs and people dressed as cows and princesses and admire talking witches with red eyes and smoke machines that under other circumstances would absolutely terrify her--but not on Halloween.  Halloween is full of joy and wonder and delight.

To think I'd forgotten that.

(This last, amazing photo courtesy of RockNoodle and Toaster's mom, for which I will forever be grateful).


toni p1 said...

I enjoy reading your posts immensely but are your step children's names really Rock Noodle and Toaster?

Nikki Van De Car said...

Oh no--and Willow's name isn't really Willow either. RockNoodle and Toaster both picked their codenames when I first started the blog, and "Willow" was on our list when I was pregnant--and it seemed fitting, since Willow's real name is also a plant.