Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not Teething

Well, it turns out the fever was not so low-grade, nor was it teething.  My girl is sick again.

No sniffles or anything, just a high fever and general unhappiness.  The first clue came yesterday when she would eat neither dinner nor Mum-Mums.  Something was clearly very, very wrong.

I hate when she's sick.  With an older kid, you can kind of hold them and pet them and let them watch a lot of tv, and they know they'll get through it.  Willow doesn't know what to do with herself.  She wants to play, but she doesn't feel up for it, so she reaches for a toy and then fifteen seconds later throws it away. 

On the other hand, even if she doesn't know she'll get through it, I know she will.  It's nice now that she's been alive for a good long while and is fairly sturdy and I don't have to feel like the least little thing will mean serious injury or death.  Glad we've moved past that stage.

Wish us good sleep and good health.

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