Monday, June 28, 2010

Grownup Food

Willow has been happily eating her way through jars of butternut squash/corn (which wasn't bad), oatmeal/banana/some other fruit that I've forgotten (which was vile), but recently she's discovered this new thing.  We gave her some grownup food.

That red stuff on her mouth?  Those are beets.  Beets with garlic and balsamic vinegar (Willow's grandmother is currently gagging, since she would rather eat the jarred mystery oatmeal than a beet).

Here's how it happened.  Willow had already eaten her dinner (jar of carrots) and it was our turn, and we were having one of our standbys, beets with steak.  And Willow was jealous.  I mushed one up, and she slurped it right down.  And so I pulled out the Happy Baby Food Grinder, which incidentally ground food for Toaster and RockNoodle as well, and she ate until I told her those beets were actually my dinner, and she'd already had hers, and she should eat more carrots next time.

But I ground up some for the next night, and voila:

Christmas Mouth Baby (the beets were accompanied by leftover green beans). 

I am doing my damnedest to get her eating good, interesting, healthy food, and frankly, it isn't hard--this kid loves to eat.  Food isn't just filling, it's fun--which is just how it should be.  I know that she won't always be as willing to explore and try new things; tastes change, and what might be interesting and bursting with flavor now might be overwhelming in a few months.  But right now we're both having a great time.

The only problem with grownup food, I've discovered, is that it produces grownup poop.  I'll spare you a picture, but believe me, it's a whole different diaper.


Unknown said...

How do you like the food mill?
I was thinking I could just use a regular old food processor.

Nikki Van De Car said...

You know, I haven't tried a food processor, but I have tried a blender, and that works great.

I love the food mill because it's small and easy to clean and pushes the food right out into a little bowl--but I got it for free.