Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mouth-Raping, Part II

I really have very little to say about last week's Friday Night Lights, which felt disappointingly like a filler episode to me.  Yes, the Lions finally won a game, and it was hilarious to see Buddy Garrity so excited about a win when not four seasons ago he was pissed off that a game was won in a less spectacular manner than he would have preferred.

Less hilarious was Tim's decision to join Billy in his stolen car-disassembling-operation, but it was predictable.  As was Jess' continued floundering between Landry and Vince, and though I do like Jess well enough, as The New Tyra, she is equally hurtful but not as funny, so this storyline had better wrap itself up fast, or she'd better get funnier.  One of the two.

As for that other Mouth Raper, well, this one could certainly have been one of those "your mouth was saying no, but your mouth was saying yes."  Bad call, Tim Riggins.  I have to say, I have absolutely no idea where this Tim/Becky storyline is headed.  Every time I think he's going to just give in and sleep with her, it's clear to me that he genuinely doesn't think of her that way, that while Becky with her daddy issues may get the father figure/boyfriend dichotomy a little screwed up, Tim's pretty clear on it.  Except for how he's used to sleeping with anything female that moves.  That's a tough habit to break.

But blah.  Nothing really happened. 

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