Friday, October 2, 2009

Not Dead (Again)

So it happened again. The vomiting.  

It's NOT acid reflux, it's...they're not entirely sure what.  There are more tests to be done to rule out stuff (though the more useful tests, like x-rays and endoscopies, are not possible right now), but the best guess is that my digestive system is basically deciding that it's not really into this pregnancy thing, and it's going to go sit in the corner until it all goes away.

Which it can do for a few days, but not twelve more weeks.  

One of the medications I was on was actually doing its job, but it too doesn't really like to work that hard, and so sometimes stops working at all, which is apparently what's been happening this week.  And, apparently, this is common enough, and what you do is you go off the medication, get sick for a few days, go back on it, and all is well(ish) again.  

That SUCKS, but is probably something I can manage for twelve more weeks.

I do still have to be careful what I eat.  On this second round of the medication kinda-sorta working, my stomach doesn't seem to like solids at all.  I'm on the smoothie diet.  And let me tell you, there's nothing like going to a health foods store and asking for protein, iron, etc. supplements to add to smoothies, and explaining that you're seven months pregnant and on a liquid diet.

"What??!??" exclaims the salesperson.  "That's not going to work!  Look at you!  You're tiny!  You should be on bedrest and an IV!"

I explained that we're actually trying our best to avoid that, and what can we do?  

You're all thinking mmm, smoothies, tasty.  Yeah, no.  I want a burger.  I want cookies.  I want hashbrowns and sausage all crammed up between a sandwich of pancakes.  I'm going to have an impossible time getting off whatever weight I have managed to put on by the end of this pregnancy, because unlike most people, I'll actually be able to eat again!  The mental lists of the food I'll be eating in the days after Roo is born just keep getting longer and unhealthier.

I am doing...okay.  I have moments of fear and frustration, and I cry, and I often cry just because I feel sorry for myself when I'm throwing up on the street.  But this is something I can do.  Every vomiting day is a day to get through and then it's done.  Roo remains just fine, still kicking up a storm, and if she's slightly underweight when she's born, well, that'll just make it that much easier to squeeze her out.


Jodi Meadows said...

Oh man, this *does* sound tough. I can't imagine a liquid diet for 12 weeks. Here's hoping it goes by quickly. *hugs*

Vicki Suan said...

Oh Nikki, I am so sorry. I went through the same thing, the entire 9 months of pregnancy with all my 3 kids. All 3. I carried bland saltine crackers, munched on Jicama and cucumber. All I can say is eat when ever you can, what ever you crave in small portions. I know exactly what you're going through. When the baby comes, it will all be worth it. Hang in there.

Laura said...

Hang in there. Only three more months left on that lease and then you can finally boot that delightful little tenant.