Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Legit Craving

Every few days, Toaster asks me whether I'm having a craving. He's fascinated with the cravings.

Actually, the conversation usually goes more like this:
Nikki: This pasta we're having for dinner is yummy.
Toaster: Nikki's having a craving for pasta!
Nikki: Not really. I just think it's good.
Toaster: Oh. What about chocolate pudding? Are you having a craving for chocolate pudding? Because Dad and I could go get you some.
Nikki: Not really. Sorry.

I'm a failure as a pregnant woman--no bizarre cravings for kids to laugh at. Until now.

I deeply, desperately want--spreadable meat. Folks around my office are talking about Braunschweiger (some positively, some not), and I've never had it and am not even entirely clear on what it is, but I want it.

Pate will do, if there is no Braunschweiger to be had (though I am told it is available in most grocery stores). I don't care. I want meat, I want it salty, and spread on crusty bread.

Preferably right now.

*Updated to add: DENIED! FAIL! NO!

I can have no spreadable meats.

This is a tragedy.


irishcream06 said...

yeah, no pate...or raw egg, or soft cheeses...being pregnant sure cuts out a lot of the good stuff it seems

regina said...

Go to the Polish joint on Grove, or the one on Jersey Avenue. Hell, I'll go for you. They have brilliant spreadable meat there. Trust me.

Nikki Van De Car said...

I bet if I made it at home it would be okay...hmm...the Listeria Police say Just Say No to essentially all foods you don't make yourself.

Kate said...

The listeria police should dial back on the fearmongering. But I am a skeptic about a lot of this stuff.