Friday, January 30, 2009

Spina My Cable

First, a knee update: I wear a brace and I move very. slowwwwly. The bruises are quite pretty, but I'll spare you photographs.

Instead (with a similar color scheme, actually) I present you with the Finally Finished Spina di Pesce:

Once again, tragically, I ran out of yarn, and they are shorter than I prefer, and either I have really large feet or sock designers have really little feet, but I need to learn that the yardage called for is never enough and buy more. The end.

I worked them separately, and that went much better. After knitting Baudelaire, which are so comfy and beautiful when on but take way too much tugging to get on, I went ahead and increased in the ankle, which it turns out I probably didn't need to do, because now they're baggy in the ankle. I don't care. I'm not ripping them out again.

I don't care much for the yarn, which is disappointing. Aurora Yarns Acquerello is both thin and scratchy, and no amount of warm water baths seems to be softening them up.

On the other hand, they fit (the foot) great. I love the enormous gusset, and the pattern itself, though challenging and producing several "huh?" headtilts and eyebrow furrows, is fun and graceful, and I'm very proud.

People in the airport who saw me photographing my feet surely understood the need to document socks such as as these.

And I love the toe. Love it. I want all my toes to look exactly like this. I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish that, exactly (do you think Monkey would look strange with a big V at the toe?) but I'll find a way.

And if nothing else, I learned a lot about cabling without a cable needle, which is fantastic, because anything that resembles a double pointed needle (or, fess up, is actually a dpn, because why buy something else that is basically a dpn?) stirs only irritation in my heart, and what's more, that little needle is constantly getting misplaced. (Knit, knit, knit, okay, cable time--oh, goddamn it, where'd it go? Look everywhere, find that I'm sitting on it, rinse, repeat). Unfortunately, I can only manage it with up to three stitches--any cable that's larger than that and I'm just dropping stitches and cursing and wishing I knew where that stupid dpn had got to. But it's something.


ziarah said...

Those socks are beautiful! Love the gusset! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Why is this labeled "mother?"

Nikki Van De Car said...

It's labeled mother for no reason at all, really. Back in the day when I invented the labels, I had "baby" and "mother" for things that were knit for babies and things that could be knit for mothers. That's kind of fallen by the wayside and now I occasionally and halfassedly label.