Friday, November 7, 2014


I have never made Willow a Halloween costume.  I'm not sure why--in the age of making ones' own bread and playdough and even yarn, you would think costumes would have been one of the first things I made.  But no.  In my defense, she has wanted to be things like a ladybug, and an owl, and then another owl.  These were all readily available at Target.

But when she asked if she could be Zita the Spacegirl for Halloween, I thought that perhaps it might be necessary to pull out the sewing machine.

And okay, so I've got her turned so you can't see how it bunches up at the bottom left-hand corner of the zee, and and I totally bought the cape, but she has not stopped being Zita ever since.  Though she hasn't worn the costume since an inconsiderate seagull pooped on it just as we set out on Halloween.

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mrsrobinson said...

What a disrespectful seagull. Could it not recognise a Mummy-make? I'm sure they'll be many more Halloween costumes following this sweet success...