Friday, November 14, 2014

A. M. Rush

7:30  I wake up.  I have slept late, and it is a luxury, but it means that I have to do all the things in half an hour, because Willow needs to be out the door at 8:00.  Despite this, I go leisurely about my morning, making my coffee, admiring Willow's breakfast, watching Dave take his daily pictures of the kids to put on facebook (a strange pastime, but there you are).

7:45  It occurs to me that perhaps things should move along a little faster.  I request that Willow come with me to get dressed.

7:50  Willow finally comes with me to get dressed.

7:55  Willow is finally dressed.  This is a lengthy process involving much negotiation, and we finally settle on a purple dress with star pants.

7:56  I get dressed.  Well, I change my pajama pants for jeans, figuring my coat will hide my pajama top while I take her to school.

8:00  We get on shoes.  I holler to Dave for various emergency items, like quarters for Willow so she can buy things at the school farmer's market, all the while negotiating with Willow over which jacket, scarf, hat, and mittens she will wear today.  We don't have quarters readily available, so Dave has to dismantle Willow's piggy bank in order to get them.

8:05  We leave.  We walk partway up the block to the school before Willow says matter-of-factly, "Today is Everybody Wear Pink day.  Pink is for No Bullying."  I look down at her purple dress, aghast.  "Yes, it is pink day.  But you're not wearing pink.  It's the one day of your life you're not wearing pink."

8:06  We rush back in the door.  We holler at Dave to find pink clothes, stat.  We tear off Willow's carefully chosen hat, mittens, scarf and purple dress.  Dave comes back with a pink shirt and pink pants.  Willow refuses to wear anything that doesn't involve a dress or a skirt.  I send Dave back upstairs for a pink skirt.  There are clothes everywhere.  We get Willow dressed in the pink shirt with pink skirt and start to put her hat and mittens back on.  The scarf is refused because it isn't pink.

8:08  It occurs to me that RockNoodle wasn't wearing pink.  I send Dave back upstairs to find something pink of RockNoodle's, and I can bring it to her at school.  Dave is a bit winded by this point.

8:09  We run to school. 

8:10  I resolve to get up earlier tomorrow.


HoleyFiber said...

You are such a good mom! I would totally try to convince my daughter and myself that purple is a dark shade of pink :)

toni p1 said...

You're doing a great job. I'd still be trying to figure out how to convince Willow that purple is just pink on steroids. I can barely get myself out of the door in thirty minutes let alone a 3 year old as well.