Monday, July 1, 2013

Disappearing Blog

So I had a moment's terror when the blog just up and disappeared.  

I don't know how many of you happened upon us on Wednesday, but if you did, you were redirected to something I will refer to as Satan's Evil Craft Site, one of those fake sites that just want you to click somewhere, anywhere, so they can bombard you.  They inserted some code into my page, and frankly I wouldn't even have known about it so quickly had a reader not contacted me.

I got it out, with the help of my cousin-in-law extraordinaire, and patted myself on the back for being not entirely brainless about computer things (like, I knew who to call for help).

But it was awful.  Awful.  I still get all panicky thinking about it.  This blog is, in many ways, my livelihood--the work I've put into has led to the book, so on and so forth.  But way, way more than that, this is a record of my daughter's life.  And while I haven't told you everything, the really important stuff is here.  It's the only record I have--sure, we have photos, and we take videos, but I don't keep a journal, I did absolutely nothing in the baby book...this is my baby book.  What if I were to forget the time she broke my heart, or the time(s) she pooped in such a way as to create misery for everyone, or the  general craziness, or the many many sleep chronicles, or just the every day wonders?

It doesn't bear thinking about.


Dave said...

Backup. And printout.

Nikki Van De Car said...

Yeah. Stop by Staples on your way home and bring 12 reams of paper.

Stevie said...

Trust me, I panicked when I lost access to the "Autumn Leaves" pattern I was/am working on! Thankfully, my friend posted on ravelry and you were back up in no time. Woo hoo! (incidentally, I have now printed off the pattern :) )

Anna-Maria said...

i am glad you got the blog back - why not use one of all of the online companies to make yourself your own photo book of all the texts and pics you have of her?
I have done "baby books" for my two oldest's first years and they love them. I now have to start ocllection the pictures as my triplets are heading towards 1... And I have also done yearly photobooks of the family's year and the kids love to take them out too and go through them and talk about events during the year.
Usually the company I use (A swedish one) send out 50% off codes a couple of times a years so I try to have the books "ready" in their tool so I can just upload and have them in the mail a week later. :)

RJM said...

Oh girl, back this thing up. If it's backed up, you can always restore it.

Powells said...

OY! yep you have to watch out for the bad guys. It is not paranoia, they really are out to get you... :)

you have a digital backup riiiiiight?

Thanks for the wine BTW...