Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stripey Sweater

See that sweater getting drooled on in the new banner?  It's a new design I just finished, and I think it's my favorite pattern just about ever, because it's so stinking flattering on my kid. 

Francie had one something like it from The Gap that I admired, and I cribbed off it, and rushed through it so I could finish it in time for Willow to wear on Cape Cod.

(Also I did some crazypants finagling with the neckline to get those buttonholes going all the way down which in retrospect, looking at the finished product, was  pretty dumb and really unnecessary and I'll make sure nobody else has to go through such shenanigans).  So while I think in the finished pattern I might make the sleeves a leetle bit looser and longer, and the length of the body a little bit longer as well, I'm pretty happy with the results.

And so, clearly, is Willow.

It's knit in Knitpicks Shine Sport, using US 3 needles (US 2 for the ribbing) and is (sigh!) shown in size 3T, because my girl is growing like a weed.


Carmel said...

That's awesome! I can't wait for the pattern...I have quite a few toddlers in my world who would look smashing in that!

Kelly said...

It fits her like a glove and looks great! Well done. :)

Vinterbarn said...

Love this sweater! Thank you for finding me on Ravelry, so I could discover you and your knitting :) Love it!