Monday, September 10, 2012

Cape Cod: La Familia

This post is by me, Willow-I-mean-Arnold.

That's my cousin Francie.  She's pretty cool.  Here we are at First Encounter, where we went every day, to the point where it drove Toaster crazy 'cause it's kinda mucky at low tide but there are no waves ever and it only gets about two feet deep unless you go out for miles which my Mommy and Daddy figured they'd notice before I ran that far. 

See all my family all standing together?  And see me running totally the other way?  Yep.

Francie's funny.  She makes funny faces.  Usually I don't notice though because sand is all-consuming.

My sister RockNoodle gets it.

The only problem with Francie is that she can never, ever remember to call me Arnold!  I tried strangling her to see if maybe that would help jog her memory, but I was told that loss of oxygen does  not improve brain function.  I was also told that screaming "NOOOO!  ARNOLD!" is neither helpful nor pleasant, and that instead I should say "please call me Arnold," but I could never remember to do that.  So maybe I should cut Francie some slack.  Nah.

 This is Baby Charlie.  He's okay.

Toaster has a Book of Mormon towel.  He talks about it a lot (the book, not the towel).  I don't know what it is.  Toaster had to read a lot for school and he was pretty grouchy about it.  He makes funny faces like Francie.

Would you like some dead crab?

How about some sand pie?  P.S. This is my favorite swimsuit ever.

That's about all I can remember about Cape Cod, except I also liked all the donuts and the fries and the shrimp and the lollipop I got as a special treat--Cape Cod means special treats every day!

Also it's pretty there.  When can we go back?

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