Monday, May 14, 2012

The Rest of the Trip: A Photo Essay

I could say "and then we went to this beach, and it was cold, and then we went on this hike, and it was fun, and then we went to this beach, and it too was cold," but really, everything I said would just be code for "Isn't Willow beautiful?"  "Oh, look, there's beautiful Willow again."  "That Willow--she's so funny!"  And I'm sure you can just fill that in for yourselves.

At Onekahakaha Beach Park

At Punalu'u Beach Park

It was very cold.  And Willow has no pants.  And though it is unclear, I DO have pants.

Baking an Ohelo Berry pie

At Bird Park, also known as Kipuka Puaulu, but nobody ever calls it that

That's a rare shot with something in it.  Dave kept trying to photograph the birds with my ordinary zoom lens.  We have a lot of pictures of empty sky.

Sitting on the "horsey tree"

"Helping" Grandma with yard work on our last day

Wishing we could take everything with us


kate said...

Love the picture with the hay in her mouth - first time I have really REALLY seen you (and therefore, anyone other than Willow herself). The pantless picture actually makes it looks like you are just a torso, and then someone else's legs are in front of you. Just wanted to point that out.

Nikki Van De Car said...

I actually got sawed off by a beach magician, and then re-posed.

That, or it was a friend of Dexter's.

Norman said...

Very nice photos!

Anonymous said...

great fotos!

Anonymous said...

All the places are really beautiful and your little girl is even more beautiful and nothing can be better. I did enjoy your photos and how you described them. But for the next time, if you want to describe something, not thinking only about your little girl, you're welcome to go to and ask them to speak not only about Willow.