Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Party

Officially, we were visiting Hawaii for my mom's 60th birthday party (to be held outside complete with barbecue, twinkle lights, and dancing to Men At Work, natch) and we totally ditched the majority of preparations by running off to a hotel for a couple of days.  But we did come back, and we did help set up, so that by the time Willow got up from her nap, the tent was up, the coolers were out, and everything was just about ready to go.

Where is everybody?  I've got the tequila all lined up!

It was a beautiful day, perhaps the only beautiful day we had up in Volcano, so Happy Birthday, Mom!

It did rain, of course, but that point everybody was dancing so who cared.
I think that although Willow did her share of dancing, the high point of her evening was the discovery of that magical thing--Ranch Dip.
 Just shove it on in there, babe.

And by the end, she made sure every single carrot, broccoli floret and snap pea had ranch dressing pre-spread on it.  Helpful, labor-saving child!

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Anonymous said...

It was a GREAT time and I miss you all!!!!

Baking cookies at 6:30 am is actually quite wonderful, too.