Monday, May 7, 2012

500 Photos

I promise, I am not posting 500 photos.  But that's how many we took.  Digital cameras are dangerous things.

I'm going to skip right on over the boring stuff, like interminable plane rides and fractious toddlers who wake up at 2 am.  The fun started the morning after we arrived.

Here we are at 7am, our day having started many, many hours before, and Grandma is baking cookies because Willow asked her to.  Willow is discovering the power that talking gives you.  "You can say 'please can we bake cookies, Grandma?'  You're a darling genius!  Of course I will bake cookies with you even though I only just woke up and there isn't enough coffee in the world!"

Of course, baking cookies is about all we did for the first couple of days, because it rained.  A lot.  We bought Willow rain boots and an umbrella, it was raining so much.

So we fled to the other side of the island and stayed at our favorite hotel where Willow could torment the other guests by running up and down the hallways at 6 in the morning (hey, the Starbucks opens at 5) and be the very first one in the pool at 7:30! 

This is one of the very few shots of me swimming in the water on this trip.  When it wasn't raining, it was very cold.  I was able to wear the same suit over and over because it basically never got wet.

Willow, on the other hand, swam in frigid temperatures (okay, 80 degrees, so frigid by my standards but not most people's) until she was blue and shivering and still refused to come out.

And thereby worked up such an appetite that she ate $27 worth of ahi sashimi at Sansei (which, yes, is fancy and expensive, but that's still a whole lot of fish.  We thought we were going to get to eat some.  We were wrong) which promptly made her pass out into a food coma so Dave and I snuck out onto the lanai and played cards and drank a lot of excellent and crazy cheap tequila that I almost don't even want to tell you about because it's my special secret cheap tequila but here you go. 

And then we did it all again.

Except that because we were kinda hungover, we left the hotel to go get some lunch without our wallets and drove around forever before we realized it so by the time we got back we were cranky and essentially not speaking.

Willow tried to break into a restaurant with a spoon she was so hungry.

Here is Dave before lunch:

Dave after lunch!


And then we were back on track.

 We walked along the coastline at Anaeho'omalu, where we met a friendly turtle.

Or at least, Willow thought he was friendly.

And after another enormous meal of raw fish (if she starts turning grey in the pictures, tell me) and another night of tequila and Rummy 500, my parents came to meet us at what is perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island and another thing I'm almost inclined to not even tell you about.

This is Kua Bay.  It's very tiny.  Come early.  But not so early you get there before the guy comes to open the gate, like we did.

My Dad instructed Willow on the importance of keeping her eyes on the waves.  And when her father or her mother were in the water (another rare swimming day for me) she never took her eyes off the water and spent the whole time calling "Mommy, Daddy, can you come over?"  So perhaps not her favorite beach day, but it was mine.

Stay tuned for Part II.


Laura said...

I'm not surprised you took 500 shots. I'm surprised you didn't take 1000! With such a photogenic kiddo in a photogenic place? And how do you ever get back on a plane and leave? I think I'd miss my flight, on purpose, forever.

Grandpa John said...

Our trip to Hawaii for your nuptuals resulted in so many pictures we still haven't gotten them organized and into the albums. We've been able to get the albums together for several later trips, but there was so much beauty and so many things unusual in our Hawaii trip that the pile of pictures is too enormous to tackle. Can't wait to go back!