Wednesday, March 14, 2012


That buzzer is the "Beep, thank you for trying, but you have FAILED at the Get Your Child To Nap Like A Normal Person Game Show."

Yep.  All I have succeeded in doing is changing the nap routine so that it includes a lengthy storytime AND lengthy hold-you-and-sing-to-you time.  And it still doesn't always work.  This is just one of those things about parenting that I am Not Very Good At.  I care more about her taking a nap than she does.  Therefore I will do everything in my power to make it happen, and no amount of self-control can stop me. 

In other news, because I could use a change of subject, I did promise pictures of baking.  Here we are making Gingersnaps.  (And to those of you who note that my walls are stripey, I am pleased to tell you that they are no longer, and that we settled on that dark turquoise.  It's like cooking inside a Tiffany Box).

We had to refrigerate the dough for a couple of hours before it hardened enough to be formed into proper cookie-ball shape, which was a tragedy that could only be alleviated by dumping flour down our dress, but we recovered and here we are in new outfits making cookie balls:

The challenge of cookie-balls is not to squish them once you have made them, and to remember to take tastes from the bowl with Mommy's permission not from the cookie-ball.  As you can see, that is a challenge we are still working on overcoming. 

And why not?  Cookie dough tastes great no matter where it comes from!


Auntie Dawn said...

Two thoughts: 1)I remember Granny baking cookies with you and Drew. You guys loved the cookie dough but lost interest in the cookies.
2) I remember being VERY disappointed when Jordan's pediatrician told me that some children don't need naps. (Jordan, of course, the high maintenence child) But I needed naps! I empathize with your nap situation!!

Dog Training said...

When Hailey was younger, he naps were 15 to 20 minutes. It was very frustrating, then at about two and half she started taking 3 hour naps and still does. Maybe Maile will be taking long naps soon?????

Anonymous said...

I feel like nap time must be an issue with most parents with children between the ages of 0-6. Keep up the good work! Maybe she is just too busy to be taking naps:)