Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Girl Bed

In an effort to increase Willow's desire to sleep, we have moved her out of her beloved crib.  I thought we might meet with some resistance on this issue, and I was ready to back off at the least no thank you, but no.  The Big Girl Bed is equally beloved, if not more so.

Which is good, since it's just her crib mattress put on the floor.

This makes sense, for obvious reasons, like how we're not certain of its permanence, how we want a shorter fall for when she rolls out (as she already has, and then came to spend the rest of the night in our bed.  Bed rails may be in order even for a five-inch drop).

But oy, it looks so low-rent.  Not that Willow minds, of course.  But those pictures are so high up!  And so tiny!  It looks weird and not at all cozy, but Willow is one of those kids who would take picture frames off the wall and step on them, so it's sort of necessary. 

And no, by the way, the Big Girl Bed did not dramatically increase daytime sleep.  Not at all.

It's really good for monkeys who jump on beds, though.


Kelly said...

We want to get our two-year old son into a big boy bed soon, but I'm so dreading it! He usually takes a long time to drop off, and the crib keeps him contained. (The dome we used to keep the cats out when he was an infant keeps him in now that he's a climby toddler.)

Sorry to hear the new bed isn't inducing daytime sleep -- today's the third day in a row that Nathan didn't nap. GAH!

Nikki Van De Car said...

She napped today, miraculously, and what a difference it made--energetic, cheery, happy kid all afternoon.

By three days, Nathan must be a basket case!