Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My child is an obsessive.  We have not stopped talking about the witch with red eyes we saw on Halloween.  I sang My Girl over and over and over again tonight.  And we have read Owl At Home by Arnold Lobel about, oh, seventy times in the past three days.

And for anybody who has read it, we have also consumed gallons of tearwater tea in that time.

We had ordered her a tea set for her coming birthday, but given the current tea madness, we thought it couldn't possibly wait another month.  She didn't put that cup down all evening.

Tearwater tea is always very good.


Laura said...

Aw. That's sweet. Did you think of sad little pencils? Parker loves pencil nubs, so she never understood that part.

Between you and me.... do you think Arnold Lobel had issues? Oh, and did you know his daughter is married to Larry from Perfect Strangers? Are you too young to know that show?

Nikki Van De Car said...

Oh, totally. I worry about James Marshall too.

Maile feels sad for the Mashed Potatoes, though she never touches a potato that is not in french fry form.

And, uh, nope. Never saw Perfect Strangers.