Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of Summer

While I may not much like Winter, Fall and I are friends--we hike together, we camp, we knit, we bake, all those things that it's way too hot to do in the Summer.  So it is with only a not-too-sizeable amount of regret that we said goodbye to Summer yesterday.

We didn't do anything special (that is, our friends Nicole and Emily came out to visit for the afternoon, but it's not like we went to the beach or burned a Samhain bonfire or anything).  We sorted through our Farmer's Market produce. 

We went to the park, as we have done almost every day.  We read stories on the lawn. 

And after Nicole and Emily left (we didn't want to be a bad influence) we played in the sprinkler. 

And for dinner, we ate Tomato and Bread salad with ingredients Dave brought home from the real live Farmer's Market:

--Four of the freshest and ripest tomatoes you can get.
--Half a loaf of crusty bread, like Ciabatta
--olive oil
--lemon juice
--balsamic vinegar
--salt & pepper


Goodbye, Summer.  We will miss you.


Rachel said...

I will be trying this recipe this weekend! :D I love tomatoes.
Hard to believe how fast the summer went!

Laura said...

Love panzanella! We add diced avocados because, well, I did it once and it seemed to be everybody's favorite part, so now I sort of have to. Is there any more summery food? Love it.

Do you have a preferred olive oil? I've been hearing good things about California Olive Ranch Arbequina for an affordable, versatile oil, but I can never find it, so I just use the regular CA Olive Ranch stuff. I'd love to know what you use. Parker's favorite can only be purchased in Italy, unfortunately, but I keep hoping we'll find something in the states that won't turn her nose. 2nd graders are such snobs!

Nikki Van De Car said...

I'm totally trying it with avocado! Makes just about everything better.

I don't have a favorite olive oil, just because I haven't been spendy enough to explore--though I will say I like the Trader Joe's stuff. And you don't even need to shell out for their fancier bottle--the regular old extra virgin smells and tastes delicious.

Wow, Parker's got a refined palate there--only to be expected, I suppose.

Dave said...

Specifically, the Trader Joe's 100% Italian "President's Reserve" Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cold pressed. $5.99 for a 1-liter bottle. Good stuff.