Tuesday, August 23, 2011


When my sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time, and especially when we learned we were both having girls, we speculated on how great it would be for them, and what spectacular best friends they would be, and how clouds of fairy dust would burst into the air whenever they were together.

This has proven to be not exactly the case.  But we shove them together anyway, and hope for the best.  And you'll see Nama/Mimi is there to prevent one of them from shoving the other off of the chair.

RockNoodle disappeared with her rambunctious boy cousins (caught here briefly and miraculously unblurred, but then the sound of the ocean through shells has a soothing effect) so we actually barely saw her.  

She seemed to be having a good time though.  Toaster spent most of his time either relaxing or helping to corral toddlers, group photo shoots always being something of a challenge:

He seemed to be having fun too.

As for Willow and Francie, well...

 Francie: I have to sit here with her?  Seriously?  For how long?

Francie: Wait, you have berries?

Francie: I like berries.
Willow:  They're taking pictures.  We're supposed to look at the camera.

Willow: And maybe smile a little.

Francie: Mom, are we done now?

Willow: I think she said no.
Francie: I think I don't care.

Willow: Agreed.  I'm out of here.


Vicki Suan said...

oh my gosh, that was hilarious!! laugh out loud hilarious. Toaster reminds me so much of my 14 yo son, Matthew, in build, hair, etc etc. Except mine has no patience with toddlers.

Laura said...

Toaster is a reeeeeeeeally good sport!

And Willow is just more adorable than ever.

Barbara said...

Compliments to the author and photographer. What fun! I'm so jealous of all that beautiful red and blonde hair.