Sunday, February 27, 2011


--Guest-posted by Francie.

Help me!  There is a person in my home, and she does not belong here. 

 She's playing with all my toys, and she doesn't even ask.  In fact, sometimes she throws them at me.  And then I have to pick them all up, because that's just so untidy.  What, was she raised in a barn?

I ask her nicely to release my mommy, to stop being held by my Nama, to please leave, and what does she do?

That is the look she gives me.  How do I work with that?

See that?  That's the door.  All you've got to do is walk through it, okay?  Seriously.

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Vicki Suan said...

Is that a Clint Eastwood glare? Like, "Go ahead, make my day" look?