Monday, May 2, 2011

Bullet Points

  • Children get high fevers.  So when Willow gets a high fever, I do not panic.  Of course, not panicking tends to include wondering whether we should take her to the hospital, general anxiety and lack of sleep even if she's taken well in hand by her father in the other room, and compulsive temperature-checking to the point that Willow starts screaming as soon as she sees the thermometer.
  • Children get over their high fevers are return to their usual selves.  Of course, this is a general statement, and the usual self has picked up all kinds of bad habits including refusing to eat, sleep, and be merry.
  • Those were some giant double-pointed knitting needles Old Nan was using in Game of Thrones last night--did you see those?
  • Nobody said the bullet points were all related.

1 comment:

Izzy said...

Ah, I know what you mean! The bamsegutt has had a terrible winter of picking up everything, the worst being a temp of 40C on Christmas Eve (not sure what that is in F). I panicked the first time, but then you just dish out the painkillers and and learn how to deal with it! I hope she's feeling better soon. Best wishes