Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Three hour naps, eleven hour nights--these are all good things, right?  They certainly give me more free time.  But the general listlessness, fussiness, and just not-Willowness that accompanies all this sleep makes it not at all worth it.

I want my sleep-fighting, smiling, running all over so I have to chase after her, silly baby back.



Izzy said...

Ah, she will, I can speak from lots of experience with a similar aged kid this winter! Mine's had a recurring ear infection about once every 6 weeks at least. I've spent a lot of time stressing about how little he's been eating at various times, but every time, his appetite goes through the roof as soon as he's feeling better and his personality comes back, it really lifts your heart. I really hope she's back on top form soon (we love hearing about Willow's exploits!). Best wishes.

Vicki Suan said...

I hope she feels better soon. Hang in there, mom.

Laura said...

They bounce back. Always. With a vengeance. YOU may not recover, however. ;)