Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter, A Recap

I was very excited for Easter this year.  This is the first holiday that Willow could actually participate in and understand, to an extent (my mom asked, "Did you get her an Easter basket?"  "No.  She doesn't eat candy."  "So the Easter Bunny visited everyone except her?"  "How exactly am I supposed to explain the concept of the Easter Bunny to a sixteen-month-old?") 

She could find Easter eggs.  That was good enough for me. 

Also, my sisters were here to visit!  After they left, Dave and I were talking about what a joy it is to be around people who are as crazy about Willow as we are.  She was comfortable with them almost instantly--comfortable to the point of refusing to go to bed--and was an absolute delight.

First she colored the eggs.

Then she splashed dye all over herself so that she looked like, quote Auntie Hannah, "Snookie with a bad fake tan job."  And then she took a bath.

Then she put on an Easter dress and headed into Central Park for a day of sunshine.

 She stood and admired buskers, and would have done that for longer (read, all day) had certain grownups not wanted to keep moving. 

She tipped the buskers, and didn't even steal a handful of money on the way out.

She threw way more than three coins in the fountain in order for us to capture this shot.

She changed into a tutu because the grownups said "tutu?" and she squealed.  Then she found the eggs cunningly hidden in the middle of the floor and tossed them into the basket (crack!)

It was a perfect day.


Vicki Suan said...

Emily came running, "new pictures of Willow!!!" (I didn't know she knows how to access your site, he, he). Oohh, matching outfits and what a lovely shawlette (only a knitter will notice). So, where was the candy?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a lovely day. I enjoyed the pictures- and I love the shawl! must know the pattern :D


Nikki Van De Car said...

Silly me! This is a knitting blog, after all!

The shawl is Fountain Pen, from the Spring 2009 Interweave.

mel said...

Dude - she is getting so big!! Love her :) Also, you look fabulous! PS - I am making your Maile Sweater for a VERY close friend whose shower is on May 14. It is knitting up beautifully. Thank you for so generously sharing that pattern. I honestly would have bought it. Thanks so much :) xo