Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Woes

First of all, thank you everyone for your helpful and warm comments and encouragement.  The weaning progresseth, in that I put her down when she is drowsy but not asleep and we no longer have crying, which is good, but I've reached a point of no return: if I put her down any sooner than I am now, she will not be drowsy.  And so I think there will be more crying.  I'm gearing myself up for it, but so far I haven't been able to take that next step. 

Speaking of steps, we have taken essentially no steps out of the house since returning from Hawaii.  I wasn't raised in a snowy environment, so I don't know how to raise a kid in one--what do people do when it's this cold and unpleasant out?  I did take Willow out to see the snow a couple of times (and what follows will document the entirety of our time out of doors in 2011) but she didn't seem to be any more a fan of it than I am.

At first it was okay:

 I mean, we were outside at least.

 But then she seemed to notice that it was cold and so we left.
 Similarly, we took her out again and she tasted the snow and that was cool enough and everything looked different and that was worth seeing.
 But then she took off her mitten and her hands hurt and it sucked again.
 By the third time we went out, despite sundry amusements like sledding and the presence of RockNoodle, Willow was having none of it.  This snow thing is officially Not Fun.  I'd like my regular park back please.  With the toys and the leaves and the sunshine and the warmth.

Wilderness.  It is not for Willow.


Anna-Maria said...

Make a snowman or a snowball lantern?

Make a fire and grill some hotdogs or marshmallows outside? Bring out hot chocolate in a thermos and have an outdoor picknick?

/Anna in Sweden who has had snow on the ground since late November

Laura said...

As adorable as she looks in a snowsuit, I suggest you move. Life is too short for bad weather.

Anonymous said...

No need to move! As a mom of an almost 1 year old in the northeast, I can certainly relate. But I just keep taking her out every day. We layer with good underclothes - thin wool long johns, wool sock, wool hat (think balaclava) and boots. We have friends that live in Norway and they go outside every day. We've just got to think (and dress) like the Nordics! :) Then hopefully next winter, when our little ones can enjoy it more, it will be easier...right? Fingers crossed. Good luck! You're doing a great job!