Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Butt

Willow has a terrible diaper rash.  All red and peeling and painful-looking, and the doctor has prescribed various ointments, but the real instructions were just--"have her be naked."

Which, okay, sounds nice and simple in theory, except for how she pees every ten minutes.  How did cavemen manage it?  I have cleaned up more pee in the last two days than I ever hope to in my entire life, and frankly, she hasn't even been naked that much because I just can't take it.

There are some nice little side-benefits though.  That's a nice butt to see all the time.

Happy Holidays.


Lainey said...

I'm with you-- Destiny had a horrible rash that I was told to not use wipes, just warm, wet wash cloths & let her be naked. It's a scary prospect, lol. But I love the little hiney that shows when they run & play, lol.

Anonymous said...

Brennan had a horrible rash last month. I ended up just dunking him in the tub every time I changed his diaper instead of using creams and such. I did have the diaper off him for naps, and I put down a "pee pad" similar to what they use for dogs who go indoors. It worked for the most part. and the rash went away after a week. Good luck!


love2stitch said...

Did you try good old cotton diapers - we have a history of bad diaper rash through generations in my family (starting with me) and the only thing that helped long-term was cotton diapers (all babies in our family are borderline allergic to the one-time-throw-away-convenient-no-mess-diapers - disgusting to wash the cotton ones but maybe best for the cute little bottom (at least that helped also my little niece&nephew recently)

Izzy said...

My MIL always calls it 'angel pee'!

Also, have you tried Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream? I swear by it after it fixing bad nappy rash after a bout of diarrhea

HoleyFiber said...

This "little red butt" problem showed up for us couple months ago as well - I think when babies start eating normal food they become more prone to irritation in the rear end.
In addition to all advice above, try adding some chamomile to her bath - it is naturally soothing. Just steep couple teabags, pour it into the baby bathtub and let Willow splash.

Anonymous said...

Im always glad that I used cotton nappies,Id get a rash too if i was in paper all the time.Daktozin...if you have it where you are?Its a combination of canesten and zinc,most nappie rashes are tinea based ,with the cotton naps I used a cup of white vinegar in the last rinse,neautrilised the wee! 3 kids no rashes ever and breast fed till 2 years,they had never had antibiotics till the got married and all are ...37,40,43 Healthy adults.

Anonymous said...
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