Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby's First Real Christmas

Before we left for Hawaii, we celebrated Christmas with Toaster and RockNoodle.  There was much joy and merriment.  Right here, RockNoodle is super excited over TicTacs.  Really.
 And Toaster is excited about Mad Magazine.  But then, who wouldn't be. 
I think Willow is mostly just excited about the wrapping paper, though. 

We left at 4:30 the following morning, and the flight was fine, for the most part.  She napped regularly, and we read many books and played with many toys and ate many cheerios and it was exhausting, but really, she is such a good traveler.  She fussed less on the plane than she did once we landed. 

But she did have some trouble adjusting to the time difference, and so on Christmas morning, she was fairly sleepy--enough that she wore this hat long enough for us to take a picture. 

 Christmas was still fun, though.  She liked her new shoes so much she even let Grandma hold her.
And she liked her beautiful Christmas dress, and the Christmas tree, and then she went to bed.

Many, many more photos to come.


defkra said...

little lady has quite the cool punky hair and the expression of a bemused/sleepy chrub. HNY! xo


Vicki Suan said...

love the facial expressions!