Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spoiled Her Beauty

You can see in this picture that Willow's forelock often hangs right in her eyes.  I've tried to train it to grow off to the side, but all that's accomplished is making sure it generally hangs in right eye, specifically.

As somebody who is constantly tormented by my growing-out-bangs (why did I get bangs?  why?  I know better) I felt so bad for the poor little tyke.  I can put clips in my hair, but the idea of trying to put clips in Willow's hair is laughable.  (Do you know how long hats stay on?  Two seconds.)

So we decided to bite the bullet and give her a haircut.  Willow thought this was an awesome idea.  That or she thinks rubber ducky is awesome.  Hard to say.  (By the way, if you look closely in her mouth, you'll see Willow's birthday present to me.)

We figured a bath would be sufficiently distracting.  Resources suggested trying it while she was sleeping, but Willow's sleep is sacrosanct and nothing shall interfere with it.

The bath was indeed a distraction, but it didn't make her sit still or anything.  We tried doing the comb and snip thing like they do in the salon, but that was just funny--"comb?  scissors?  can i eat them?  how about stick them in my eye?"  So it ended up being a grab-and-snip.

Be honest with me guys.  How bad is it?  Did we maim her? 

Are first haircuts always this traumatic?


Amy Bailes said...

Oh no! She's starting to look more like a little girl instead of a baby. :) How sweet.

kate said...

I think it's adorable and I can't wait to see it in person!

regina said...

I love it! We went up to see Joe the Dad today, and the boy child showed him lots of pics of Willow, much to Josef's great delight. She's darling, and i love the new fringe!

Anonymous said...

Aww so cute, growing up fast.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks adorable! First haircut: beauty statement :)