Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cap Came Back

The Cradle Cap, that is.

I refuse to put Willow through the trauma that is the Vaseline again, but I can't help myself--I hate the cradle cap.  Her hair is thick enough now that you really can't see it, but folks, it smells.  It smells like wet dog.  I don't want my baby to smell like wet dog. 

According to BabyCenter, it is unlikely to come back once it is gone, and I've already queried my doctor about this issue, and her advice clearly didn't quite get the job done. 

I can ignore it until it goes away.  I can.  It just won't be easy.


Anna-Maria said...

In Sweden you can buy a cream with borago oil in it that is supposed to work wonders for cradle cap. Here it is prescription free and you might find it too? the one we have here is one that you don't have to comb out when you have put it on.

Unknown said...

I had the same issue! I find it very hard not to pick at it when I notice it & I thought it was all gone a few months ago. The I noticed it while outside the other day (for some reason I always see it better in sunlight!) So far have resisted annoying the baby by picking at her head while she nurses, but I know I'll give in eventually. Last time I used the Weleda baby oil massaged into her head first, helped make everything easier to get off AND came out of her hair with one good shampoo!

kate said...

Olive oil or mineral oil instead of vaseline. Less of an issue if it stays on the head. Francie has a little bit back too.