Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ways In Which I Am A Big Girl

I make a biiiiig splash when I take a bath.

I read stories to my big brother.
I go for rides in the big girl stroller.

I can sit!

Love, Willow

Ways In Which You Have Some Growing To Do Still

Big girls, my love, do this thing where they can comfort their own selves, and don't have to suck on my nose, my arm, my eyeball (whatever's handy).  Try sucking on some part of your own body.  Or, barring that, a toy.  A binky.  The floor.  Anything.

And need I remind you of what happened the other day?  The time when I put you down on the rug for your Naked Time, and went to go get dressed?  And I know usually you can handle being diaperless for an hour or so and we never have accidents anymore.  But see, when mommies come back in the room from getting dressed and ask what you've been up to, and look down to see two little turds between your legs...well, you're not ready to go off to college just yet.

Which is just fine by me.

Love, Mommy.


Unknown said...

Willow is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love sharing all these unbelievably cute things she does? Sort of like Nikki stories?