Saturday, March 13, 2010


There is really no reason to write another post about Aviatrix Baby Hat, since I already said everything there is to say about it.  But, see, I took this cute photo.  And I'm not one to deprive the world of cute photos.

I swear, this girl knows that the corner of the white couch is her posing place, and she sits calmly and genteelly, and even kind of smiles for the camera. 

Getting a profile shot was difficult.

I wasn't even planning on doing a photo shoot that day--I just put the hat on her on a whim.  A kind of torturous whim, since she hates hats, and I expected her to scream before I even got the thing buttoned.  Only no.  This seems to be the one hat she doesn't scream about.

Not that I've had occasion to put it on her again, but it lives in the diaper bag just in cases.


Maile said...

So cute! I've had this hat in my queue for ages and your cuties pictures inspired me to make one for my baby. I love a good quick knit. Started last night and just finished this morning.

My older girl wants one now!

Jodi Meadows said...

But the hat looks adorable on her, so I support you posting as many pictures as you feel like. ;)

And gosh, she's getting big so fast!