Monday, February 8, 2010

What Would Gracie Belle Do?

We're still watching a lot of television in this house.  With a baby who will sleep nowhere but on you during the day, access to good and plentiful television is deeply important.

And I'm running out.  We're almost finished with Friday Night Lights, and we have greatly enjoyed it.  Willow, however, will likely be glad to have it behind her, as she is damn tired of hearing about Gracie Belle.

Gracie Belle is Coach and Mrs. Coach's baby, and like most TV babies, she is a little angel.  Barring one or two episodes early on in Season 2, that child never cries, is hardly ever onscreen, and when she is shown, she is either playing quietly, waiting patiently for her diaper to be changed, or sitting calmly in her bouncy seat.

Willow, Gracie Belle is an example to babies everywhere.  When your diaper is just a little bit wet, before you scream for assistance, think to yourself, "would Gracie Belle scream?"  Of course not.  Gracie Belle would wait patiently for Coach to come home, at which point Mrs. Coach would hand her off to be changed (Mrs. Coach seems to manage never to change diapers).

I'm also quite sure that when Gracie Belle started sleeping through the night, she would then be a cheery and somewhat drowsy baby come morning (and I'm sure her morning is defined as after sunrise, not at 3 am like some babies named Willow I could mention).  She would not need to scream for an hour or two before going back to sleep.  (Not that we're not pleased about the sleeping through the night thing.  That's awesome.  Keep it up.  Just, you know, once you wake up at 3, could you please think about going back to sleep for another couple of hours?  3 is a hard time to begin the day).

On the other hand, Gracie Belle is a little weird-looking.  Kind of like a baby alien.  So while you could take some behavioral cues from her, aesthetically speaking, you win hands down.


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Laura said...

You're funny and she's cute. :)