Friday, February 5, 2010

A Knitting Post

I'm honestly not in the mood to post today...and haven't been for a while, obviously.  The crying really hasn't been that bad, and le bebe slept from 9:30-3 am last night, so that was swell.  I'm just grouchy.

Though this is a knitting blog, the knitting posts are actually the easiest/laziest (or perhaps that's not ironic.  Perhaps that is appropriate). 

Abagail, previously discussed, is quite adorable, and spruces up Willow's somewhat boring outfits--we have pants and onesies usually.  It gets dull.  Unfortunately, she's only worn it once, since she hurriedly spit up on it, and I haven't got round to washing it yet.  She did sit for some shots first, thankfully.

I had sizing issues, and meant it to be 3-6 months, but even that seemed tiny.  And even having gone up two needle sizes while knitting 3-6 months, it still fits her now (and no, she is not abnormally huge.  Her other clothes are mostly newborn-sized).

It fits her perfectly, and probably will continue to fit her for the next month or two--it looks good now, but there is room to grow.  And while I didn't think much of it while knitting it, Abagail looks fabulous on her.

As she looks fabulous on my Like A Honeycomb.  Talk about improving a knit.


Mmmm.  Look at that face.  I'm a little less grouchy now.

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