Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm not much of a stuff-saver.  I have clothes that I wore in middle school, but that's just because they miraculously still fit, not because I have any sentimental attachment to them (and who would be attached to anything to do with middle school?) 

Other people are different.  My mother sent me a huge box full of clothes I wore when I was a baby, AND an outfit my grandmother made for my mother when she was born:

There may be something to be said for holding on to stuff.  That's pretty cool.

I think Willow may turn out to be like me though--she was emphatically not interested in this photo session.  I couldn't even get the clothes on her.

So I slipped her the roofies that is breast milk and waited until she was asleep and dressed her and photographed her and she slept through the whole thing.  Creepy.

I am in the midst of making what could potentially be the kind of thing Willow tortures her child with: "Now dearie, your grandmother made this for me when I was a baby..."

It's to be a sweater with all sorts of Willow-specific details--assuming it works out.  I've never designed a bottom-up raglan before (the math, so far, is harder), and there's a design element I have in mind that I don't actually know how to do...

So it may in fact end up getting tossed.  "Now dearie, here is the scrap that was supposed to be the sweater your grandmother made for me when I was a baby, only it turned out complete crap..."

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Auntie Annie said...

So is that an outfit Grandma made for you mom or an outfit you mom made for. Either way, it's adorable on her.