Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grrr Arrgh

Since I am not in labor, here are some thoughts at random:

--Quantum of Solace is not nearly as bad as I remember it being.  Still can't follow the action sequences though.

--I remain 1cm dilated and 1cm only.  Harrumph.

--In case anybody was wondering, am I upset about Dollhouse getting canceled?  Why yes, I am.

--The fellow outside my house who is responsible for filling in the giant hole in the ground it out there raking gravel back and forth ineffectually.  It's cold out.  Just rake with purpose and then go sit in your car if you want to make it last longer.  This is Day 2 of ineffectual raking.  Seriously.

--The clock on my bedroom wall that no longer works (unlike all the other clocks in my house that no longer work, of which there are several) is stopped at 12:16.  Wouldn't it be cool if I had a baby on 12/16?

--My body seems to have decided that nighttime is not for sleeping.  Since I understand babies feel similarly, why don't I just go ahead and have one already, since I'm going to be awake anyway?

--Let me just check my belly.  Yep, still pregnant.  There's no chance my body has just forgotten that there's a last step here, right?


Sarah said...

she'll come when it's time. and the body is amazing....you can be more dilated and more effaced and nothing happens and you can go from not being dilated or effaced at all to having the baby in not time. i was dilating and 100% effaced and my youngest was at station 0 (knocking on the exit) for a month before he was born. my oldest - i was just minding my own business when my water broke and boom he was here. keep busy, drink lots of water and relax. she'll be here before you know it...really.

kate said...

Wow to the 12/16 thing...