Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lost It

Not me.  I've still got it.  Mental faculties present and accounted for.

It's Toaster.  Case in point:

He comes home from school yesterday, and asks:

Toaster: Can I have candy for a snack?

Now, this is a crazy talk question to which the answer would invariably be no, so I say:

Nikki: No.

But then, foolishly, I keep talking.  See, Dave had planned to make pancakes for dinner as a special treat, so candy would be an unusually bad idea.

Nikki: Dad has a surprise in mind for dinner, so have a healthy snack.

Toaster: What is it???

Nikki: It's a surprise.


Toaster: Is the surprise that we're going to a show on Broadway?

What?!  This is virtually unheard of, and really unheard of on a school night when I'm nine months pregnant.  I stare at him.

Nikki: No.  Lower your expectations, dude.  It's a surprise for dinner.  Take your expectations and shove them under the bed.

Toaster: Okay.  Is the surprise that you're in labor?!!?

Nikki: No!  Haven't you seen any television?  I would not be standing here chatting with you if I were in labor!

Toaster rushes over to feel my very obviously protruding belly.

Toaster: Is the surprise that you've had the baby?

Nikki: Are you nuts?  No!  Go do your homework! 

What to make of this?  Pregnancy is supposed to addle the pregnant person's brain, not the brains of the people around her.


irishcream06 said...

haha, that's too cute! Really enjoying reading your blog, when's the big day?

Laura said...

hee hee hee

Jodi Meadows said...

Well with a name like Toaster, what do you expect? ;)