Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1 cm Dilated and 50% Effaced

Which means!....not much. 

I mean, obviously it's better than not being dilated, since at least things have gotten started, but yeah.  In labor I am not.  Just in case anybody was wondering.

According to the all-knowing and completely logical and factual internet, some things I can do to speed the process along include:

--eating eggplant parmesan
--drinking tinctures of black and blue cohosh (?)
--riding a bike or swing

Yeah, perhaps not.


Kasia said...

Around this time last year I was more less at the same stage :) I can't believe how fast times fly by...

Good luck!
And all the best,

Laura said...

I wouldn't do anything to speed things up. I did that and yes, it jump-started labor, but no, it didn't jump-start the baby. I ended up being in labor for three days. You do not want that. By the time the kid showed up I couldn't have cared less. "Oh, a girl? That's nice. Can I have a sandwich and a nap now?" I say let things go the way they go.

Nikki Van De Car said...

Oh my God. That's funny because it's SO TERRIBLE.

Check. No interfering.

tulip said...

Just found your blog and I can completely sympathize where you are. I'm due for a scheduled C-section (#4) on the 21st with #5 (girl #4) and wish I could give birth NOW instead!! Love your blog and all the great patterns you have been knitting. Guess I'd better get busy knitting before she comes. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

a pharmacy dr friend of mine said to "roll your nipples" between your fingers. This releases the petocin naturally in the body and you will go into labor. A friend of ours tried it, she was almost one week overdue, went in the hospital 10 hours later and had her baby girl.

Brad said...

You can never have too much folk wisdom, right? :) A coworker of Kendell's swears by eating pineapple to induce labor. Teh Intarnetz corroborate this (but then, what DON'T they corroborate?).

Good luck with everything, and happy holidays!