Friday, November 20, 2009


Christmas knitting the second:  Coachella, by Fathom Harvill, using US5 & US8 needles and Knitpicks Cotlin, which works quite well with this, I think.  The US8 needles make for a fairly see-through top, clearly, but I think this is likely to be worn over a bikini top to a poolside barbecue (for this is the life I envision my sister having). 

Knitting clothes for other people freaks me out.  I'm (usually) pretty good at sizing things for myself--most of the things I knit do fit me.  But I'm, shall we say, far more familiar with my own body than of anybody else's, and it's one of those things that may end up being insulting when you get it wrong.  "You thought that would fit me???"

And Coachella strikes me as being one of those garments that need to fit just right, or they'll look terrible.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to make this as a gift.  I could have gotten measurements, I suppose, but that's always awkward: "here's a head's up--I'm making something for you, so this should give you time to properly practice your happy face.  Now give me personal information about your body."  I think the most I've ever done is ask someone their shoe size.

Grrr.  Potential Christmas morning uncomfortableness.  But I think it would look great on her, and I did try to make sure it would fit, and seriously, knitting is a thought-that-counts kind of present if anything is.  Right?


Grace said...

I think your Coachella looks great! I totally know what you mean about knitting clothes for other people as gifts. I'm still too nervous to do it and usually stick to hats, scarves, mittens, and the like. I admire your courage and I am sure it will pay off! :)

Masche für Masche said...

Wow, it looks great.