Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Here

That post I told you about, the one where I tell you everything I ate and what happened and why and how I lay down and went to sleep? This is it.

So Saturday, I threw up a lot. More than usual. Bad day. The medicine I'm on, the one that doesn't really work ever, and sometimes doesn't work at all, was perhaps not working at all again. So I decided to go off it on Sunday.

Sunday, 9:30 am: Drank half Odwalla smoothie. Felt sick, but did not throw up. Thought this was giant accomplishment.

Sunday, 12:30 pm: Drank strawberry banana smoothie. Threw up. But not everything. Still decent accomplishment.

Sunday, 4 pm: Decided on a whim to try some toast. Figured if I was going to throw up anyway, might as well enjoy the thing I'm eating. Was fairly positive toast would leave, as the cereal tried yesterday on a similar whim fled my stomach with the speed of a freight train.

Sunday, 4:30 pm: Toast stayed down. Didn't even feel sick really. Continued to lie down just in case.

Sunday, 6 pm: Helped Dave make dinner, with the intention of actually trying to eat said dinner with him. Felt profoundly happy, as this making and eating of food is an important feature of our relationship, and I'd been missing it. The fact that the dinner in question was one I strongly dislike (Dave figuring that making something I don't like that I can't eat might be a nice thing to do) didn't matter at all.

Sunday, 6:30 pm: Ate half a cup of quinoa with tahina and tofu. Was not, shall we say, delicious, but it required chewing, so it was heaven. Lay down for an hour.

Sunday, 7:30 pm: Ate another half cup of quinoa with tofu. Lay down again.

Sunday, 8:30 pm: Ate little mint ice cream sandwich thing. Lay down again. Started watching Yankees.

Sunday, 9:30 pm: Ate some peanuts. Stayed lying down.

Sunday, 10:30 pm: Ate some toast with melted cheese. Lay down again.

Sunday, 11:30 pm: Ate some yogurt covered pretzels. Noted that I had consumed more food in the last 7 hours than I had in the last 3 weeks.

Monday, 12 am: Yankees won. Was not tired, as had consumed too much food to be tired, and was also giddy with joy. Songs from Oliver! on repeat in my head.

This morning, I have had a tiny bowl of cereal. I am lying down. Soon it will be time to try more toast, and an egg. Am so excited.


Sarah said...

keep eating! congrats on what sounds like some great little successes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's the Yankees winning the pennant! Yippeee!