Friday, October 23, 2009


RockNoodle's sleep (or no sleep) thing has been--knock on every available wood surface within reach--diagnosed, and dare I say? Solved?

She hasn't gotten up the last four nights, at least.

Dave took her to the doctor, and mentioned the troubles. Listening to her very sniffly nose, the doctor thought perhaps she might be waking up, unable to breathe in the night. We have a humidifier going all the time, but that wasn't really doing the job, apparently. So the doctor put her on children's Claritin (the non-make-you-insane version of Claritin) and some nose stuff and...she doesn't even snore. I don't think. I wouldn't know, because we're not having to get up with her!

The sweet thing is how eager she is to be asleep--she asks for her medicine, she does what she can. It's very reassuring. The tantrums have, if not gone away, at lessened? I would definitely say lessened. And perhaps will only continue to do so. Or not. Everybody having more sleep helps, anyway.

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