Friday, September 18, 2009

Dino Acid Reflux

Yep, that's what I had. It was not normal. When I've had acid reflux in the past, it's been--ow, that was uncomfortable, let me take a tums/tagamet/ignore it for a little while and it will go away. It did not cause vomiting at the slightest introduction of food.

However, it seems that is a thing that can happen when you're pregnant. And if I said before I don't like being pregnant, let me tell you how much I really don't like it now. On the ninth day of vomiting, we called it and went to the hospital.

It was handy, really--like a dry run for labor. We got in the car (note to self: do not go into labor during rush hour), got to the hospital, and were admitted right away. Dave kept notes on what he would need to pack for next time (hoodie, more socks, chapstick, far more interesting books than the one I am currently attempting to read), and I was tested for every which thing. They got me hooked up on an IV right away--which is an experience I hope to not repeat any more than absolutely necessary, because it hurt. I was so dehydrated, the nurse couldn't find a vein, so getting the needle in there was a challenge. And even once it was in, a needle in your hand shoving more liquid into your vein doesn't feel very good.

Anyway. The story is, I was having contractions (I couldn't tell, mostly because I've never had contractions, so how would I know, and also because they would occur around the same time as the heaving, so they were kind of masked) but they were caused by the dehydration; my cervix wasn't dilated. They gave me two different kinds of anti-nausea medications through the IV, and I am now taking those two before every meal.

But "meal" is a loose term--I take them before my slightly-larger-than-usual snack, which occurs at breakfasttime, lunchtime, and dinnertime, but other snacks throughout the day are necessary. I'm also reluctant to use the word "meal" because in my food-loving, dairy-consuming, dessert-craving mind, the Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast diet doesn't count at all. Dave keeps saying "it's only three months," but that is a long, long time.

I do feel better though. The medicine helps, and I think my stomach is getting adjusted to doing its job again. And Roo is fine--got a little squished there, but never seemed to be in any distress, and her heartbeat was steady the whole time we were at the hospital. She'll be bummed when she figures out that her days of Pinkberry and bread pudding are over.


Anonymous said...

Relief! We can all stop worrying now! It is not pleasant to have a pregnant daughter take ill 6,000 miles away but I imagine it is even less pleasant for the pregnant daughter.

Anonymous said...

I live off prilosec whenever I am pregnant. Did the trick for me. The minute I have the kid, it is gone! Hope you find as good of a solution as I did.

Brad said...

I can't even begin to imagine how terrifying and painful all this must have been for you! Hope you're doing better now.

kate said...

Does applesauce cake fit under the general heading of applesauce? You could just eat little pieces of it hourly. If this sounds like an idea worth trying, let me know and I'll make it for the 17th. How about westminster oyster crackers? They're toast-like...