Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not Wounded Sir, But Dead

Not really. Considering it, though.

I have a finished Sheldon, a finished--would you believe it?--Emily started well nigh on a year ago, both of these completed because over the weekend I was good for nothing but sitting around and sewing. That is, I sewed between the times when I was crouched over the bathroom toilet, which were numerous.

I have had for the past week what is apparently gastroenteritis, and nothing worse than that, though we got a bit scared until we realized that whole "stomach bugs last only 24 hours thing" is complete bunk. There are some challenges, in that nothing will stay down, not even water and crackers sometimes, and you know, I think I may have read about twenty thousand times that pregnant women need to consume ridiculous amounts of water every day? So that's a challenge. (But nothing I can't handle! Small sips! Keep an eye on the color of that pee!)

Equally fun is the exhaustion. My abdominal muscles are not used to being abused in this manner (nor is my esophagus, which is making its displeasure profoundly clear), and they tend to seize up and spasm when I get nauseous (heh heh. That's all the time). And let me tell you, there's nothing like puking in the public restroom of a movie theater, which had been blessedly empty, until a crazy woman decided to pick the stall next to yours and stand in front of the toilet grunting and saying "oh dear," "whoa nelly," etc. for a very long time--and not doing anything, mind you. I was right there, crouching on the floor. She was just standing there, freaking me out.

Roo is fine. Roo kicks reassuringly whenever I start to feel worried--she's very thoughtful that way. And she seems full of energy, whereas I have not even managed to knit a stitch today, and am finding lying here typing this rather exhausting, and I'm going to stop now. And dream of milkshakes. When this is all over, I'm going to have a day in which I eat nothing but desserts. I'll spend all of a Saturday baking, and then on Sunday I'll eat bread pudding for breakfast, cookies for lunch (and not just any cookies. Toaster and RockNoodle's grandmother's special oat cookies, which seem like they'd be healthy because they have oats, but it turns out upon reading the recipe that they're really not, which ought not to be a surprise since they're so tasty), spice cake for afternoon tea, and a gooey chocolate cakey pudding for dinner.

Wish me a get well soon so I can go make myself sick again.


Sarah said...

delurking to say...get well soon! have you tried flat gingerale? my husband swears by it....keeps you hydrated and gives you a little sugar too. plus it doesn't make your belly feel all full of air.

Laura said...

I'm so so sorry. That sucks! Hang in there. Let us know when you're on the mend so we can all stop worrying. :(

Dave said...

Update from the husband: after a day at the hospital on an IV drip rehydrating, getting poked & prodded & questioned by interns, and marveling at how nice everyone was, it's not gastroenteritis, it's bad acid reflux prob from uterus pushing stomach up into the ribcage. So she's on a cocktail of two prescription anti-nausea meds and whale-strength Pepcid. Not to mention the world's most boring diet, BRAT: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. But it's been 24 hours since the last hurling took place, so hey, it must be working.