Friday, November 7, 2008

Shabby Apple

There are two clothing stores I follow religiously, and wait for their Fall/Winter/whenever lines to come out. One is Anthropologie--I know it's a juggernaut, but I can't help it, it's like they've tapped a line into my psyche or something.

The other is Shabby Apple. It's an internet-only shop (boosted with trunk shows), and they are dedicated to dresses that fit right in many senses: no straps that seemed designed to fall off, no need to buy some sort of miracle bra to boost and yet not show, and that are stylish, feminine and sexy without being self-conscious-making.

They're having a contest of sorts--asking devoted shoppers to put together an Anthropologie-esque vignette. And so:


Mary Lennox, all grown up, does occasionally have to leave the Secret visit Dickon's mum, to measure for lighter, more cheerful drapes, to do a little shopping. She is, after all, the classy Lady of the House now.

She has learned, though, the value of color and play, and has never lost her imagination. Purple shoes will brighten up any misty moor.

And a bit of gold on the bag will help sparkle out any hidden keys....


Anonymous said...

Your post intrigued me. I hadn't heard of Shabby Apple before so I was compelled to check it out. And then I.... well, I made a purchase. I couldn't help myself. Don't tell Jay!

~Colorado Laura

Unknown said...

How many dresses have you bought from Shabby Apple? I loved the styles, til I bought one... the quality was very poor.

Nikki Van De Car said...

None, actually--I keep meaning to but never have...and you're the second person whose given me a bad report!

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