Monday, November 10, 2008

I have a hole in my shirt

So I finished Molly Ringwald (photos coming soon) and I love it and really wanted to wear it. On me, however, and I'm not sure if this is the cut or the yarn I chose or maybe just that I'm much more modest than I give myself credit for, it really needs a shirt underneath.

I find that most of my knitting is like that--Butterfly? Obviously needs a shirt. Ditto Lelah & Candy, and every pullover I've ever made. But here's where I have a little mental break--I don't like to buy shirts that are boring. So all my shirts look weird with other things over them. I have one shirt that I bought specifically to be worn under Butterfly, and considering that I like to wear these things a lot, it's getting a little worn out.

I couldn't face wearing it this morning. For one thing, I haven't worn Lelah in a while (or Candy, or Butterfly) and wanted to break them out soon. So I dug around in the back of my closet--and lo and behold!--a lacy buttonup shirt I bought ages ago from H&M. It's a little stained, but Molly would cover that up. Perfect! It made little thread-breaking noises when I bent to put my shoes on, but that happens all the time and never means anything, right?

So I'm walking around today, feeling pretty spiffy. Molly Ringwald, despite the pain in the assness of its sleeves (more on that later), is classy and feminine, and I've got on my sexy schoolteacher shoes and a swirly skirt and my lacy H&M top. Mondays go so much better when you're confident in your outift. I could pull out a quote from Anne of Green Gables to back me up.

Of course, you immediately feel so much less confident when your boss says "Do you know you have a giant hole in the back of your shirt?"

Yeah. Off to get over that mental break and buy some more shirts now.

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